Our Laser Cutting service is second to none – we offer the right product at the right time at the right price. We’ve invested in the latest technology so you get the benefit of the best quality, the fastest delivery and really competitive pricing.

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

The device emits photons into a concentrated light beam which is then ultimately directed via CNC control on a machine bed, producing a very accurate high speed cutting source.

ISMSolutions operates a TRUMPF Trylaser 3040 CO2 with Rotolas.

We can profile parts to +/-0.1mm on part and positional tolerances.

The process has no physical contact with the metal during the cutting process resulting in a reduced risk of marking or distorting material during production.Our selection in machine met a good compromise between those processes that are capable of extremely fast cutting thin gauge materials, and those slower processes such as waterjet cutting that can handle thicker gauge materials.

We can also offer laser etching , be it for part marking or aesthetics.

Material Thicknesses
Part Sizes

With a huge machine bed of 4 x 2m, we generally are only governed by sheet stock sizes. Those commonly being 2.5m x 1.25m & 3m x 1.5m. We can profile from stock 4m x 2m sheets also at special request. Note, some materials are not available in the larger sizes.

We can cut Very small intricate parts rom file or drawing, send us your requirements today for a no obligation quotation.


Intricate shapes and holes are where laser cutting comes into it’s own. The general rule of thumb is for a hole diameter to be no smaller than the thickness of material being cut. i.e a 2mm hole would be the smallest allowable for 2mm thick material. Where features such as this are a must, we can engrave it’s position or use a drill jig and drill/tap them as a separate process.

Aluminium / Alloy

We can cut most Aluminium types including 5083, 5251, 1050, 6061 & 6062.

Brass / Copper

Whilst we cannot laser cut Brass or Copper, we regularly punch it. Send us your requirements for a quote.

Mild / Carbon Steel

We can cut standard hot rolled steel, Bright Mild Steel and coated Steels such as Zintec and Galvanised.

Stainless Steel

We cut a huge amount of Stainless Steel and hold a lot in stock, including 316 and 304 grades.

Exotic Alloys

We can cut a range of exotic Alloys such as Duplex and Titanium. We usually have this free-issued to us by the customer.

What materials do we stock?

ISMSolutions hold a huge range of material in stock as this feeds not only our profiling work, but our sheet metal and fabrication work also. See the following link for our standard stock range. Those applicable to laser profiling are sheet, tube, box section and angle. If we haven’t listed what you are looking for, please contact us as we can most likely stock it at a short lead time.

Should you require it, we can provide secondary manufacturing operations post profiling. Be it machining, tapping, welding or forming, we have the kit and expertise to provide you with a turn key service.

We can also provide a number of finishes to your cut components including:

  • No-deburr (straight from the machine, the cheapest option)

  • De-burred (via the most appropriate means to leave a clean edge)

  • Rumbled

  • Grind master

  • Alcromate

  • Iridite

  • Powder Coat

  • Chromate Conversion

There are many advantages to laser cutting over alternative profiling methods. For us, as it’s only part of our business, it’s just another string to our bow, and another reason why you should use ISM Solutions. Primarily laser cutting offers speed and flexibility, and is therefore ideal for cutting complex geometry in a range of materials and the resultant cut leaves little to no burr. There are instances where in thinner /softer materials punching is more economical, and because here at ISM Solutions we operate a range of punch machines we can advise on this at the time of quoting.

We are experts in our field and as such benefit from knowledge in the complete manufacturing chain, not just in cutting material like so many other profilers. That means we can often foresee issues that our clients may have further down the manufacturing line and offer solutions. Our approach is such that as technology has developed, we have adapted to apply this to how we approach jobs. As a practical example, where mitred cuts and holes are required in angle section, we can jig and laser cut this to improve on accuracy, repeatability and reduce cost versus traditional methods that would involve manual marking, drilling and cutting. Alternatively where the application permits it, we can further reduce cost and increase accuracy by profiling flat sheet and forming it in our press shop. Similarly we are experts in laser profiling fish mouth and hole profiles into tubing.

ISM Solutions is proud to have invested in our own nitrogen generator. This means that we are self sufficient in the gases that we consume when cutting. It allows us to keep up with demand, and is another element to the process where we are not reliant on sub contractors like so many other companies, increasing our performance and reducing indirect costs.

  • Fast

  • Flexible

  • Complex Geometry

  • Range of materials

  • Minimal burr

  • Large material thickness range

Hollow section laser cutting

ISM is one of only a few companies in the country who can cut tube and box section. We are experts in this field complementing many fabrication applications.

Self sufficient consumables

We generate our own Nitrogen to feed our laser cutter and keep up with demands.


Latest Technology

Our TRUMPF Trylaser 3040 CO2 with Rotolas, is a top of the range laser-cutter.

Accurate Costing

We use ‘actual’ forecast run times to quote jobs accurately every time, offering very competitive prices.

What's next?

Follow our step-by-step guide to getting your designs made
  • 1. Send us your file designs

    Once you have your designs, put them into the relevant file format and we can go ahead and give you a quote.

  • 2. We provide a quote

    Next up we will configure your artwork and get back to you with our most competitive quote for the job. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in our field, and will do our utmost to ensure you are happy with your quote.

  • 3. We process your job

    This is the fun part, where we turn your idea into reality. We guarantee our customers industry leading standards with our builds, and will work to the pricing and timescales agreed with your order.

  • 4. We deliver your design

    Our standard quotations are ex works, however should you require delivery please indicate so with your initial enquiry.