We offer a wide array of in-house finishing services for Mild Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel.

In 2006 as a part of ISM Solutions business development, we purchased Island Powder Coating and Electroplating. The business has been providing finishing services in the UK for over 20 years & has customers in Aerospace, Electronics, Marine and commercial Lighting.

We offer metal finishing on Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic spray deposition is used to achieve the application of a powder paint coating to a metal substrate. This application method uses a spray gun, which applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, that are then attracted to the grounded component. A range of finishes and colours typically depicted in a RAL code can be applied, a large array of which are held in stock. Powder coating is very resistant to corrosion, is wear resistant and quick to apply.

Wet Paint

We can offer wet spray painting for applications where powder coating is not possible, generally the dictating factor being size or finish. Typically we operate two pack paint systems.

Alocrom 1000

Alocrom 1000 produces a clear chemical film on the surface of Aluminium to offers improved electrical conductivity.

Alocrom 1200

Alocrom 1200 produces a gold coloured coating which offers good electrical conductivity with improved corrosion resistance.

Iridite NCP

Alocrom 1000 & 1200 utilises hexavalent chromium. Iridite is an alternative finish that is non-chromate for Aluminium substrates commonly used in the aircraft industry.


Phosphating is the process of converting a steel surface to iron phosphate. This is largely used as a pre-treatment to corrosion protection such as Zinc plating.

Zink plating (Colour & Clear)

Zinc plating is primarily used to protect metals from corrosion. Zinc coating prevents the corrosion of protected metal by forming a physical barrier. Zinc and iron/steel are joined and placed in an electrolyte where a cell is formed, in which the zinc becomes the anode and the steel the cathode.

  • Powder Coating

    Powder coating is quick (lending itself to high volumes of painting), robust, offers a range of finishes, is corrosion resistant and aesthetically pleasing. It’s main limitation being size constraints of the oven.

  • Wet Paint

    Wet painting offers a superior finish to powder coating, but is more susceptible to damage. Where filling and masking is required, it can be a suitable option. Mainly we wet paint items that are too large or heavy to be powder coated.

  • Alocrom 1000

    Alcoim 1000 is primarily used in the electronics industry to improved electrical conductivity. This can be on it’s own, or prior to paint where masked areas are required.

  • Alocrom 1200

    Alocrom 1200 offers improved electrical conductivity to a lesser degree than Alcrom 1200, but with the increased benefit of corrosion resistance.

  • Iridite NCP

    Iridite has largely been introduced to eliminate the use of hexavalent chromium, which is a Toxic chemical. In time it will most likely replace Alocrom 1000 & 1200.

  • Zink plating (Colour & Clear)

    Zinc plating offers a corrision resistant coating to mild steel components similarly to galvanising. Unlike galvanising, because the coating is thinner, dimensional control is more achievable so is more suitable to smaller precise applications such as sheet metal parts.

Not just a paint shop

We can apply all major corrosion resistant & Aesthetic based coatings.

We collect and deliver

Collecting and delivering your work takes the hassle and stress out of potential damage post finish.

Continual improvement

We deploy ISO9001:2015 quality management and stride to continually improve.

The complete package

Not only can we finish your product, we design and make thousands of products per year.

What's next?

Follow our step-by-step guide to getting your designs made
  • 1. Send us your file designs

    Once you have your designs, put them into the relevant file format and we can go ahead and give you a quote.

  • 2. We provide a quote

    Next up we will configure your artwork and get back to you with our most competitive quote for the job. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in our field, and will do our utmost to ensure you are happy with your quote.

  • 3. We process your job

    This is the fun part, where we turn your idea into reality. We guarantee our customers industry leading standards with our builds, and will work to the pricing and timescales agreed with your order.

  • 4. We deliver your design

    Our standard quotations are ex works, however should you require delivery please indicate so with your initial enquiry.