Whether you’re an existing company in need of a new component, or a new business needing something designed from scratch. Our ISM design team have all the skills to help you.

With over 30 years of experience designing components and assemblies for hundreds of clients, ISM uses state of the art CAD CAM technology to turn our client’s concepts into reality. Our team can do anything from turning your hand drawing into a 3-D model, or working with your own pre-existing designs. For more information about the benefits and specifications of what we can offer, please read below.

We can take your data in various formats including PDF drawings, DWG files and most 3D CAD files including igs. Step and native parts such as .CATParts.

Where 3D CAD models can be provided to us for manufacturing, we can give guidance to aid sheet metal unfolding resulting in quicker quotations and shorter manufacturing lead times. Many of our long term customers have worked with us to cater for this with great success.

Design for manufacture is one of the single largest factors associated with high manufacturing costs. We can advise on this to minimize unit prices along with associated lead times. As manufacturers, having the ability to design in-house and interrogate modern CAD systems allows us to overcome the daily challenges of producing complex components often without contacting the customer.

  • Quality assured

  • Customer ease

  • Minimise unit prices

  • State of the art CAD programs

  • Cut lead times

  • Experienced in-house team

Work to customer constraints

Do you have strict compliances for your designs? No problem. ISM are highly experienced in working to customer constraints and extracting data in a range of formats on complex geometry.

Manufacture Design

Need to improve your manufacturing costs or strengthen existing designs? We can advise on this to minimise unit prices along with associated lead times.

CAD CAM experts

Whether it’s interpreting your drawings or creating them for you, we are experts in CAD CAM programs.

In-house Design team

With decades of experience within our team, look no further for a fully bespoke design package. We have all the design services to help you turn your sketch into reality.

What's next?

Follow our step-by-step guide to getting your designs made
  • 1. Send us your file designs

    Once you have your designs, put them into the relevant file format and we can go ahead and give you a quote.

  • 2. We provide a quote

    Next up we will configure your artwork and get back to you with our most competitive quote for the job. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in our field, and will do our utmost to ensure you are happy with your quote.

  • 3. We process your job

    This is the fun part, where we turn your idea into reality. We guarantee our customers industry leading standards with our builds, and will work to the pricing and timescales agreed with your order.

  • 4. We deliver your design

    Our standard quotations are ex works, however should you require delivery please indicate so with your initial enquiry.