Our fabrication capabilities both in terms of scale and complexity can support your needs. We specialise in complex welded assemblies requiring a high level of detail and accuracy.

Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. We have fabricated machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials for over 20 years and service an array of industries including architectural, aerospace, military and defence. Our 10,000 square foot fabrication shop can accommodate your work no matter the size or volume. We operate an experienced team of fabricators and hold a variety of weld certifications in TIG and MIG for a range of materials. We can manufacture complex assemblies in exotic materials such as Duplex and Super Duplex and apply a range of manufacturing techniques to best suite your requirements. We regularly offer PMI testing and NDT including X-RAY & Die penetrant.

Please consult our plant list below to see how it applies to your requirements. Should you need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Shot blasting

  • Electrostatic powder coating

  • Alocrom 1000 & 1200

  • Phosphating

  • Zinc plating

  • Iridite NCP

Benefit by using our experience in metal fabrication. Our diversity is key in allowing us to approach projects such that we deliver on time, at a reasonable cost to the required standard. The machinery and expertise at our facility means that we can foresee problems and provide practical and tangible solutions. We can consult with you to produce a fabrication that meets your needs. We have manufactured complex jigs and fixtures, along with simple high volume parts. We pride ourselves in strong communication to enable us to understand your driving factors be it accuracy, repeatability, lead time or cost.

  • Top quality

  • Highly experienced

  • Traditional & modern manufacturing techniques

  • 2d or 3d drawings

  • Batch production

  • Light – Heavy gauge sheets

Plant List

Doal – 24” Bandsaw

Macc Brown – 10” Section Cutting

Elu – 6” Rotary Section Cutting

Morgan Power Rolls – 1.25M x 6mm

Rolling 1.2M x 3mm

Rolling1M x 1.5mm

Durma E30200 300 Tonnes 3M 5 Axis

Megaform Dubris – 35 Tonnes 1.5M CNC 3 Axis

Promecam – 50 Tonnes 2.5M

Safan – 20Tonnes 1.5M

Barns – 56 Tonnes 3M

2 Stations Tig Squarewave 350 Amp

2 Stations Tig – 200 Amp

2 Stations Mig – Sunergic 400 & 500 Amp

1 Station Mig – CO2 400 Amp

2 Stations Mig – CO2 250 Amp

Certified coded welding approvals held

Morgan Rushworth HSGS 2600/6 NC – 2.5m x 6mm

Think BIG

We have the space, resources and knowledge to fabricate heavy gauge large complex structures in-house.


Welding perfection

Our welders are second to none, fully coded to a range of specifications and equipped with the latest in Synergic MIG & and TIG plants.


Out of the ordinary

We can work with difficult exotic Alloys and the most complex of part geometry.


Trusted by the best

Our client base says it all, working with the biggest names in Aerospace, Military and Automotive we are trusted by the best.


What's next?

Follow our step-by-step guide to getting your designs made
  • 1. Send us your file designs

    Once you have your designs, put them into the relevant file format and we can go ahead and give you a quote.

  • 2. We provide a quote

    Next up we will configure your artwork and get back to you with our most competitive quote for the job. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in our field, and will do our utmost to ensure you are happy with your quote.

  • 3. We process your job

    This is the fun part, where we turn your idea into reality. We guarantee our customers industry leading standards with our builds, and will work to the pricing and timescales agreed with your order.

  • 4. We deliver your design

    Our standard quotations are ex works, however should you require delivery please indicate so with your initial enquiry.