A look back at 2022

2022 was yet again another busy year at ISM Solutions.  In total we created 2218 different job cards, equating to over 8 each working day.  These all had quantities ranging from 1 off to 1000 off.

It was our first full year working with our bespoke MRP software which has enabled us to keep tight control on all WIP and in turn keep lead times to a minimum.  Our close connection with a treatments facility offering processes such as iridite, zinc plate, passivation, and powdercoat means we can turn around parts in a timeframe that others in the industry just can’t match.

Despite being incredibly busy we have been known to turn around Sheetmetal jobs in a week’s timeframe, including laser cut, CNC form, treatments, and inserts, including pems, rivnuts, rivets, and standoffs.

Our Trumpf laser has been running along side our LVD CNC punch and with our five press brakes we are fully equipped to meet all needs.

Software is not the only thing the company has invested in, as we have now had a full year with our CNC milling machine bringing even more flexibility to our business and expanding our skillset.

Our existing customers, both local on the Isle of Wight, and across Hampshire and the rest of the UK have trusted us to continue to process their work that we have made before and new jobs that they have requirements for.  We have even manufactured parts going to Denmark.

The fabrication side of our business has really taken off over the past year, and the fact we are UKCA registered has played no small part in this.  We have gained new customers in the construction industry who have returned time and time again stating our work is second to none.

Our welding capabilities include coded welding, mig welding, and tig welding.  Please see other articles in our blog for more information on these.

We have established strong links with material suppliers which means lead times and prices are kept to a minimum and this coupled with our quality has meant even during these tough economic times, we have kept extremely busy without compromising timescales.